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In Social Networks, Work and Cities

Informal Economy

Labor is the first if not the only source of income for the poor. However, immature and poorly functioning labor markets encourage discrimination, impeding the poor in their efforts to overcome poverty. 

Social Networks in Cities 

Nopoor research looks at social networks and how the lack of social capital interacts with the different dimensions of poverty. Nopoor undertakes pioneering research in this area, investigating informal labor markets, poor living conditions, and segregation, with a focus on urban poverty.

Trends in Employment

What are labor market dysfunctions that cause poverty? What is the role of social networks as a dimension to be taken into account for strategies leading out of poverty? Which new trends of urban poverty can we identify? This part of research focuses on domestic policies, including national programs related to youth employment and micro-finance schemes.

Construction workers in South Africa 

The specific objective of this research is to :

  1. Identify labour market dysfunctions that cause poverty.
  2. Precise the role of social networks as a dimension to be taken into account for strategies leading out of poverty
  3. Identify the new trends of urban poverty.

What is our work for this specific research?

  • Labour market patterns and their impact on poverty
  • The third economy as an alternative? Social networks and informality
  • Microfinance
  • From rural misery to urban poverty

   Research examples

South Africa: Assessing the level of discrimination on the labor market
Lack of access to jobs is a major source of discrimination in South Africa. This undermines the important effort to grant equal access to education across races after the exclusionary policy of apartheid. 

Madagas car, Vietnam , Niger, Nigeria, Benin: The third economy as an alternative?
In the informal sector, households have no access to formal credit or other business facilities. Personal relationships can play an important role in business development and hence affect the living conditions of poor people involved in the informal sector. 

Mexico: Moving from microlending to microsaving
Which options for savings are available to the poor? Do more »formal «policy-oriented programs provide better options than the »informal « ones currently in place in Mexico?