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Nopoor Policy Brief Nr. 20: An Application of the Alkire-Foster's Multideminsional Poverty Index to Data from Madagascar

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The Multidimensional Poverty Index has broadened the measurement of poverty but still lacks some important dimensions of poverty. We propose here the Malagasy Multidimensional Poverty Index (MALAMPI), which is an augmented-MPI. In addition to the standard MPI dimensions (health, education and living standards), we add an additional and highly important dimension, namely employment, which is generally the sole means of production owned by poor or deprived people. Another shortcoming of the MPI approach is  that it does not enable gender inequalities analysis. This is surprising since two out of the three dimensions of the classical MPI are individual attributes. In this study, we provide a new methodology aiming at computing gender sensitive MPI-type indicators. We use data from the 2012-2013 Malagasy MDGs national survey. Data was collected by the National
Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) and covered all of the twenty-two (22) regions of Madagascar, using a sample of 16,920 households.

Image: ©IRD - Hardi - Thibaut Vergoz