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NOPOOR Policy Brief Nr. 16: The Impact of Lengthening the Instructional Time on Inequality: the Case of Vietnam

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This note briefs how policies aiming at lengthening instructional time affect the inequality of opportunity, with an application to the Vietnamese context. As a consequence of the too low instructional time to ensure the basic primary curriculum in Vietnam, the private tutoring has become increasingly widespread among families who can afford it, causing inequalities in accessing the quality of basic education. In this context, full-day schooling has been initially implemented to deal with the deficiency in instructional time. But it might also contribute to the equality of opportunity in education by filling the gap in instructional time between children of different social background. However, the specificity of Vietnam in the implementation of this policy where the switch to full-day schooling is largely funded by the families and the communities, makes this policy unable to reduce inequality of opportunity. 

Image: ©IRD - Olivier Ribolzi