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D 7.2 Economic and social policies: do social and cash transfers programs alleviate poverty efficiently?

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This deliverable presents the main results obtained by researchers from six different institutions on the effects of social and economic policies on the reduction of poverty and inequality.
The first one relates the minimum wage policy in Brazil to the improvement of income distribution in the last decade. The second study discusses the experience of the 2010 tsunami in Chile and the social policy infrastructure of the country for natural disasters. Two researches treated the question of social protection and vulnerability of the poor population, one in Ghana and the other in Senegal. The fifth study develops a deep research on the Guaranteed Employment Scheme (NREGS) in India. Finally, the last one is devoted to the discussion of the social protection system and domestic violence in Peru.
These six studies are a good example to confirm the amplitude of different social and economic policies implemented in countries in Africa and South America.