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D 5.3 Survey based analysis of the dynamics of International migration

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The research task intends to look at both sides of the migration phenomenon. Four studies are summarized in this report. The first three studies are focused, on the one hand, on the impact of migration on the welfare of origin households in the home countries and, on the other hand, on its impact on the migrant herself/himself in the fourth study. Furthermore, the studies presented here below allow not only capturing the individual-household dimensions, but also the migration-development nexus at both micro- and macro- levels.

A first study shows that Home Town Associations created by migrants in the destination country significantly contribute to the development of villages they target, increasing the provision of local public goods. The second study investigates the link between remittances and rural development and finds limited evidence of a multiplier effect of the former.

A third study was focused on the impact of migration on children’s time-use distinguishing between market work, household chores and school attendance, and the impact of migration status on the demand for schooling in households left behind. They find that international migration and remittances decrease poverty incidence, while the poverty depth and severity move up significantly and highlight the significant positive effect of international remittances on children’s school attendance.

Finally, the fourth study sheds light on the changes in the wellbeing of migrants entailed by crisis in destination countries and its implications for their remitting behaviour and the decision to return to their origin country.