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Project Management

"More than 100 scientists from all over the world are exploring new areas and innovative methods to fight for better living conditions for all."  
Delia Visan, Nopoor Project Manager

Main Objective


Efficient project management of the large, international Nopoor Consortium is the guarantee of a successful project. The coordinator (French Institute of Research for Development - IRD) has therefore appointed a Project Management Office (PMO), Delia Visan, working full time on the Nopoor project.

The coordinating PMO Is Responsible For:

  • Coordination of the Consortium's activities 
  • Participating to Scientific coordination strategy along with the scientific coordinator (monitoring of scientific quality of the result, timing, etc)
  • Helping editing, reviewing and finalising deliverables reports
  • Drafting, negociating and maintain the Consortium Agreement with the Legal services from the Consortium
  • Negotiate Amendments to the Grant Agreement, with the Consortium and the Commission's legal services
  • Coordination of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Management of the foreground generated
  • Setting up and coordination of the dissemination strategy in both EU and Non-EU countries
  • Contributing to Nopoor’s mission of linking poverty research with policy recommendations: Coordination of transcription of the scientific findings into policy documents accessible to policy makers
  • Consolidate a training network between the partners of Consortium
  • Capacity building: providing training to researchers and admin staff
  • Supervision and coordination of interns
  • Organisation and coordination of project meetings

Consortium Management

The PMO organises and moderating the project's General and Executive Committee meetings and other meetings (virtual or face-to-face) and produces, collects and circulates meeting minutes.

1) Annual Meetings: Six annual meetings have been scheduled (two in Europe and the others in Latin America, Africa and Asia)

  • Kick-off meeting: organisation of the kick-off meeting (held in Paris in 2012).
  • Four general assemblies, including the mid-term dissemination conference (see Policy Recommendations), in Southern partner countries.
  • Final meeting and dissemination conference in Brussels in March 2017.

2) Executive Committees: The Executive Committee meets every six months either in Europe or in one of partner countries.

3) Policy Synthesis Seminar (See Policy Recommendations): scheduled for Mexico in May 2016.