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       About the UPD

Dauphine is a University specialised in research and training (about 9,000 students including 500 PhDs) and has an excellent reputation as an innovative and a leading university in the field of organisation and decision sciences ( Dauphine stands out on the French university scene for its entrepreneurial, project-based approach and commitment to the highest international academic standards. From its inception, Dauphine has focused on: Management, Economics, Law, Social Sciences, Applied Mathematics and Computing Science. The Université Paris-Dauphine is a founder member of the consortium “Paris Sciences et Lettres” (PSL-Research University), which is one of the 3 first French institutions labelled as « Excellence Initiative » (IDEX) acknowledged by an international independent jury. PSL includes many high level institutions specialized in different disciplines as Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS), Collège de France, ESPCI ParisTech, Chimie ParisTech, etc.

With IRD, the University Paris-Dauphine (UPD) is a joint supervisor of the UMR-225 DIAL (“Développement, Institutions, et Mondialisation”), created in 2010, and including 16 full-time Professors and assistant professors from Dauphine (for IRD, see supra) and 30 PhD students

Key Dauphine staff members in Nopoor

SiroenJean-Marc Siroën (UPD) is the project main promoter. He was the first Director of the UMR DIAL (2010-2011), PhD and Professor of International Economics at Dauphine, specialised in international trade, regional integration and international organisations. He has been recently elected Dean of the UPD’s Graduate School. He is presently working on linkages between trade and institutions as well as democracy and labour standards.

Philippe de Vreyer is a Professor of Economics at Dauphine and vice director of the UMR DIAL. His research focuses on poverty, migration and labour market issues in Low Income Countries. He is currently directing a nationally representative panel survey in Senegal. 

Marc Raffinot is a Senior Lecturer at Dauphine. His current research concentrates on debt (namely debt reduction for Low Income Countries) and aid effectiveness. 

Florence Arestoff is Assistant Professor in Economics at Dauphine. Her research is in education and microfinance, largely studied in African countries. 

Elodie Djemai is Assistant Professor and has worked on HIV/AIDS in developing countries, the linkage between political crisis and human capital and the targeting of policies against poverty.

Sabine Mage is Assistant Professor at Dauphine and specialized in CGE models applied to trade and social policies. Marta Menéndez is Assistant Professor. Her research in development economics is mainly devoted to income distribution, labour markets and population economics.

Aude Sztulman is Assistant Professor in Economics and specialized on impact of international trade on wages, inequalities and poverty. 

Baptiste Venet, assistant Professor, has specially studied micro-credit in Sub-Saharan countries with a recent focus on the use of cell phones in the credit relationship. 

Hélène Liaud-Lenoble, assistant Professor, has a long experience on training. She is specialised in Macroeconomics and international monetary systems". She will coordinate the WP12.


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