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About the UAM

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM) is a modern university, internationally recognised, and it is scored among the 200 best universities in the world. It is Spain's benchmark university in terms of research; with a wide number of universities research institutes on campus some of them in collaboration with the Spanish National Research Council. UAM is a pioneer institution in work on solidarity and cooperation action, work with NGOs, etc. The faculty of Economics and Business of UAM counts several specialists in Econometrics, sociology, migration and development issues.

UAM key staff members

Alejandro Lorca Corrons is Professor of Economics theory at UAM and University of Florida (Department of Economic Theory); “Chaire Jean Monnet”. He wrote more than 60 academic papers about development and international relations. He has been fellow professor in Harvard University, Dresden University and Malta University.     

Rafael de Arce Borda is Professor of Econometrics at UAM and Professeur invité Université Paris Dauphine. He is Head of the Research Unit of Econometrics at UAM and Senior Research at Academic Institute of Forecasts Lawrence R. Klein. He has been fellow professor in Nancy, London, Dresden, Warsaw and Georgetown (USA). He is author of several academic papers about development, impacts of free trade agreement on development countries, migration flows.

Ramón Mahía Casado is Professor of Econometrics at UAM and Professeur Invité Université Paris Dauphine. He is senior researcher at Academic Institute of Forecasts Lawrence R. Klein. He has been fellowship professor in Dresden, London, Nancy. He is author of several papers about migrations, development and free trade agreements, mobility and commuters in Europe.

Eva Medina is Assistant Professor of Econometrics at UAM (department of Applied Economics). She has written several articles about development and institutional regimes. She has collaborated in different projects about development in Latin America, coordinating a network of experts in these economies (universities of Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile).


More than 20 years working in topics related with development, free trade areas and impact on income in development countries, effects of migration flows in host and origin countries. Wide experience working in international consortiums (United Nations – project LINK, FEMISE, Euromesco) and reporting of policy recommendations for International institutions.

Relevant references

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