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About the Université d'Antananarivo

The University of Antananarivo, formerly known as the University of Madagascar is the biggest university of the country with more than 25 000 students and about 750 most qualified researchers and teaching staff.

The Centre of Economic Studies (CEE) is an integrated consortium of research centres at the Department of Economics. Key competencies are mainly in macroeconomic studies, finance, public economics, institutional economics, Environment economics and governance issues, international economics, local development. Recently, CEE has extended its field of action into applied research in order to participate more directly to the development of the country. In addition, it has established research partnership agreement with several research centres abroad, namely: John Fitzgerald School of Government School of Harvard University; World Economic forum; The Institute of Developing Economies (IDE-JETRO) in Japan. The CEE works also closely with the National Statistic Office (INSTAT).

UA-CEE key staff members

Prof. Mamy Raoul Ravelomanana, Director of CEE, Professor in the African PhD programme (NPTCI : Nouveau Programme de Troisième Cycle InterUniversitaire/AERC) – Visiting Professor at University of Rennes I since 2005 – Visiting Professor at University of Paris 1 in 2006, specialized in Mathematical Economics (Finance and Game Theory).   

Prof. Jeannot Ramiaramanana is Senior Researcher in Environmental Economics, Ethics. Visiting Professor at the Universities of Grenoble and Saint-Denis (La Réunion) specialized in Local Development. 

Prof. Sahondravololona Rajemison, Senior researcher specialized in industrial economics and in International economics. Visiting Professor at the University of Paris XII-Créteil. 

Prof. Herinjatovo Aimé Ramiarison is Senior researcher in ODA (Foreign Aid) issues, Industrialization in developing countries. Visiting Research Fellow at Institute of Developing Economies – Japan External Trade Organization in Japan – Lecturer at the Meiji University of Tokyo.

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