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20 Nov 2017

« Madagascar est le seul pays qui s’appauvrit depuis soixante ans sans avoir connu la guerre ».

12 Jul 2017


20 Jun 2017

You will find here the Conclusions of the NOPOOR Final Conference, set forth by Jean-Philippe Platteau, Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Department of Economics, of the University of Namur.

20 Jun 2017

This report provides a summary description of the project context and the main objectives at the end of the third year of the project implementation.

Dr Xavier Oudin, Researcher, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (

28 Apr 2017

Remember, you can see the lastest Periodic Report Summary and news about the Project, on the European Commission's website !


20 Apr 2017

The role of aspirations in the exclusion of Peruvian indigenous children, Laure Pasquier-Doumer

14 Nov 2016

This blend of voices and perspectives presents comprehensive and challenging responses to key poverty debates of our time, bridging the gap between research and practice.